More weird, tiny sculptures appear near the Westword office

Strange, intricate art projects have a way of randomly popping up around the Westword office, but usually they come with some kind of semi-frightening note with a phone number, or at least an indication of their ownership -- like terrorist groups always admit when they bomb stuff. Except we like stumbling across weird art projects, so keep 'em coming, art-terrorists.

At any rate, we got yet another gift yesterday, and it came inside some very small flower pots.

The diminutive artworks were discovered in the alley behind the office by our design staff, the members of which, as far as I can tell, spend most of their time hanging around in said alley smoking cigarettes and arguing about craft beers. Finally, it seems, they've proven themselves useful in some way.

There were about seven pieces total, all affixed to a wrought-iron fence by way of magnets glued to the mini flower pots that provided their base. And inside the flower pots were a variety of petite objects: bits of glass, little designs that looked like they were made of clay and, most notably, signs featuring tiny works of art -- watercolors, stencils, photographs.

I loved them (I put one in my cubicle, which has made it somewhat less sad to occupy). Everybody did, actually.

Still, we don't know who to thank. If you're responsible for this artistic gift or know who is, you little terrorist you, drop us a line!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.