Move over, Etsy: Regretsy is taking over this crappy internet yard sale

Oh, Etsy.com. You're like the website version of that overly supportive hippie school where everything everyone creates is great, because art is you and you are art, or whatever.  Luckily for us realists, there's Regretsy.com, a site that culls only the shittiest handmade stuff from Etsy (and various other crafting sites) and brings it all together for one big laugh/vomit session. Though Regretsy's main focus isn't to harmfully heckle featured crafters, it does aim to bring to light the funny, atrocious and generally perplexing items people desire to sell to other fools. In fact, as laid out in its very detailed and helpful FAQ section, the site's owner explains that "while not everything here is awful, it is always WTF." We are always game for anything described as WTF. Not sure where to start digging around on Regretsy? Categories -- like cats, bullshit and Jews -- listed in the lower right sidebar should help a n00b navigate. But just a warning: Before opening the "Dirty Hippies" section, make sure you're not eating while surfing the Internet. This area of Regretsy, as expected, includes pictures of filthy feet (see below) and a gender unknown in a wool bikini. Seriously, be careful. It is a hairy, hairy mess. While some of the content on the site is just plain sad, most of it is too funny not to find yourself LOLing alone at your desk -- which is the ultimate goal of the Internet anyway, right? Moreover, with each click, that sinking fear and curiosity seems to creep up, kind of like how it should feel when you visit a Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museum. Fortunately, Regretsy.com is packed with stuff way weirder than two-headed cows or fetuses in jars. So, head on over and enjoy laughing at other people's crappy artistic visions, gross attire and swindling snake oil salesman ways!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.