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Movie Night at Glob Hosts Colorado Filmmakers This Thursday

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On any given night in Denver, a film lover has a wide array of movies -- from mainstream fare, to art-house curiosities and even classic repertory -- to choose from. Still, local filmmakers have to work hard to get their visions out into the world when they haven't been blessed with big budgets or massive film festival recognition. Very often these visions come in short form or in pieces in need of a peek to see how they play and might fit into a bigger picture or improve a filmmaker's next work.

John Golter, mastermind of the DIY space Glob, knows this struggle very well for all artists, but has a soft spot for the filmmakers, and has created a home for Denver's cinema babies with his monthly Movie Night at Glob series. Since its 2013 debut, Movie Night at Glob has screened the works of dozens of Colorado filmmakers and this Thursday, January 29, the series has a few more auteurs to add to the roster.

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"The goal of every Movie Night at Glob," says Golter, "is to provide local producers of film and video with an open venue to present their works on a monthly basis. This arena enables artists a chance to not only screen their moving pictures but interact with other fellow creators on a social level."

Here's what you can see this week:


The Existential Beaver - Episode 7 Veteran filmmaker and editor Kim Shively will be screening the latest chapter in her experimental "talking show"/art project starring Matt Slaby, Zach Spencer and Kevin Wesley. You can catch up on episodes 1 through 6, which all premiered at the Glob series, via Kim's Vimeo channel.

El Regresso Charles de Graaf's short landscape film about the Sonoran Desert, shot in sumptuous black and white and featuring a narrative poem by Brenda Caradona.

Lakeside Tacoma Chefan and William Morris' experimental stream-of-consciousness view of amusement in America and the art of seeing rather than looking.

Nemar Chelsea Bashford's film began as an experiment in objective observational filmmaking, quickly developed its own agenda and morphed into a different beast entirely. Nemar became a meditation on the impossibility of creative control and the necessity of destroying the project.

This month's screening promises to be a great slice of what's sitting on the horizon of the Denver DIY filmmaking landscape, but Golter wants to take his monthly showcase at Glob even further. "My original plan was to show off the local works and do monthly thematic video/film projects," he explains, to "have the groups of creators come together on whatever theme for the following month's show...French noir, single character action, 'use one line only,' and the list of even basic 'Film School 101 themes goes on and on. The idea was to get people, a lot of former film students, involved in projects that didn't have the resources or anyone to help get them going. That's really my ultimate goal for the coming year but we'll have to see how it plays out."

Movie Night at Glob starts at 8 p.m. Thursday, January 29 at 3551 Brighton Boulevard. Admission is free, but bring your own lawnchair if you'd like a seat. For more information, go to the Facebook Event page.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.