Movies Podcast: Here's Why We Love Chris Rock's Top Five

We begin this week's

Voice Film Club

podcast with a Thomas Pynchon story, before hosts

Alan Scherstuhl


Stephanie Zacharek

of the

Village Voice

, and

Amy Nicholson


LA Weekly

, move onto Paul Thomas Anderson's movie adaption of his novel,

Inherent Vice

. It's "in some ways a godawful mess, indulgent in a way a less-respected director would never be able to get away with. And it's two and a half hours long not because it needs to be, but because it


be," writes Stephanie Zacharek in her review. The middle movie this week is Chris Rock's

Top Five

, a movie that we love. Skip to 21:20 to hear that segment. The show wraps up with


, starring Christian Bale. "The only way Bale's Moses could be the humblest man alive is if the rest of the planet were killed," writes Nicholson in her review. Do Alan and Stephanie agree?

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