My Teenage Angst journal-reading party takes over the Bar

Did you have a journal as a teenager? Did you use it to chronicle all the horrible things adults made you do and how cute you found that certain student who used to sit next to you in Chemistry? Was it full of angst? Mine was, and so was Megan Nyce's, who's coordinating the My Teenage Angst journal-reading event tonight at the Bar, 530 South Broadway. "I have been saving my journals since I was a teenager, lugging them around from apartment to house," Nyce reveals, and that -- combined with a similar event in Seattle -- was the impetus for tonight's shindig.

"We gave it a trial run last month," Nyce notes; this month is the first big, public reading. "It went well; it was funny. People really laughed a lot, and I started up a Facebook page, because people started putting comments under the pictures of all the readers. It was like we were in a group all in on an inside joke."

But it wasn't all smooth sailing: "The challenges were, I tried to have people read notes that were passed in between students in a class, and they couldn't read their writing. And we tried to do some re-enactments but that didn't really work that well."

But you can definitely expect some fun surprises. "I noticed several of us had detail in our journal that was unexpected. I actually had the price of gas listed in my journal, and it was just a weird little fact I put in there. We had another person who had written about a concert she had gone to and had written out the price of LSD tabs, she was like, 'The tab is $6 but I only have $5 and I only have an hour to the show!' Sometimes the detail is really funny."

Each reader will have four to five minutes to share their own teenage angst. "For some people, it's the first time they've ever been on stage, but they get a thrill out of it," she says. "I cut them off at a good laugh, so when they get a high point, I get up there and take over.

People will also bring yearbooks to tonight's show, and there will be an audience "imitate-a-teenager" contest, too.

My Teenage Angst starts at 8 p.m. tonight and is free and open to the public; Nyce plans to hold events every other month. Visit the My Teenage Angst Facebook page for more information.

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