Nappy Headed CO

Everyone, welcome Cat's special visitor for the day. She has hair issues. No, seriously, real ones. Help a girl out...

Any person darker than a peach crayon can tell you that its hard trying to find a place in Colorado to get your hair done. Finding a salon that specializes in black hair is like trying to find a needle in a long, blonde haystack. I have lived in Colorado for eight years, most of that time was in Boulder. And I can tell you that kinky hair and Boulder don't mix -- unless you smell of Patchouli and listen to Bob Marley. Even then, those who rock dreads in Boulder don’t really have naps, they have dirt and weed stems in their hair.

I did my own hair while I lived in Boulder. I had four styles: curly Afro, curly Afro with headband, Afro puffs, Afro puffs with a hat, and while it was in fashion bandana with Afro puffs. I had to stop wearing the bandana because Boulder PD cruisers would slow down and stare.

Since I have lived in Denver I’ve thought about having my hair professionally done. After the 2005 home cut/split ends fiasco that led to my hair taking on an uneven geometric shape, I thought it best I turn over the scissors to someone else.

Though I know I will have better luck finding a salon in Denver, I have been reluctant to do so. I am biracial, and I have found that even my hair has issues.

When I was sixteen, five minutes with Dark and Lovely left me bald and nasty. But when I use products for people of the fairer skin, I swear I can hear my hair laugh and say, “Bitch, these naps stay true,” and then it puts on sunglasses. But that may be due to the drinking.

I love my hair. Curls, naps or whatever. I will always wear it natual, but everyone needs a change. I don't want to have the same hair style thirty years from now, because puffy pigtails on a fifty-year-old is not cute.

So if anyone knows a good stylist here in Denver, send them my way.

--Crystal Preston-Watson

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