Naughty Pierre brings the naughty with a Wednesday night stand-up showcase

Naughty Pierre, looking naughty
​In the true spirit of cabaret, Lannie Garrett and her Clocktower Cabaret have always brought a diverse array of entertainers to the stage, focusing on the more nostalgic entertainment like burlesque, skits and sing-alongs. Tomorrow night, Clocktower staple and goofball MC Naughty Pierre will be hosting a showcase incorporating local stand-up comics into his usual mix of puppeteering, music and dirty jokes. Comedians Alicia Jacobs, Bob Meddles, Leif Cedar and Brent The Great will take the stage in this second installment of Pierre's weekly variety show.

Jacobs shared with us that this evening is a chance for her and her comedic cohorts to exercise plenty of new material, as the show will devote longer sets (about twelve minutes, to be exact) to each performer--more time than a usual stand-up event. And with Pierre as a host, there is no doubt the dirty, adults-only jokes will be aplenty. Plus, the Clocktower website warns that "with the possibility of slightly risque material, this show is not suitable for the overly up-tight or underage patrons." Get out of the way, overly uptight people, Naughty Pierre is bringing on the inappropriate!

This show is 18 and up, and tickets are $5 at the door. Entertainment begins at 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.lannies.com.

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