Need something to do? Let I (heart) Denver send you in the right direction

We never get tired of showering the love on I ♥ Denver, the progressive all-Colorado gift shop run by community-minded entrepreneur Samuel Schimek at the Denver Pavilions.

Schimek knows his clientele -- a large part of which comes from out-of-town -- and merchandises the store in a way that gives Denver a whole new urban, contemporary face for people passing through, something they'll remember and, hopefully, yearn to experience again. Yes, it's not your typical cow-town curio shop. Schimek, with funding from Colorado Tourism and Create Denver, is now taking his civic image-making machine one cog beyond by offering visitors a new Interactive Cultural Station that showcases Denver's city-centric, edgier and design-wise workshops, events and pastimes.

Right now, Schimek says the station, which features two screens mounted on a beetle-kill pine wall donated by I ♥ Denver vendor Azure Furniture, is in its "1.0 format," but he hopes to grow the information base with a curated selection of events submitted by local creatives. And it's not strictly for tourists.

"We're mostly looking for art exhibitions and cultural activities like holiday craft markets," he notes, as well as workshops geared toward design entrepreneurs hosted by such local businesses and organizations as Ink Lounge, Denver Design Incubator and Create Denver and "anything interesting that makes denver unique." Drop by I ♥ Denver to try it out, Schimek adds. "We invite everyone to come down to check it out, and give us some feedback."

Or go to the I ♥ Denver website for information on how to submit your event for consideration.

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