Need something to spice up that foliage? Try attractive hipsters

Majestic landscapes filled with foliage are all well and good, but there's only so much you can do with that. What you need is beautiful people in front of your foliage. It's like putting dressing on your salad; it just tastes better. So to commemorate the Telluride Photo Festival, which starts today, we're recommending shutterbugs put someone attractive in front of that mountain, lake, or outcropping of verdant foliage, preferably a hipster -- because you can't go wrong with attractive hipsters. Get our tips after the jump.

The three ingredients you will need: 1) a nice camera with a big lens for capturing those awe-inspiring Colorado mountains; 2) an attractive person, male or female, preferably wearing skinny jeans; and 3) a gorgeous, expansive landscape filled with the vibrant colors of nature, preferably with some foliage in the foreground for your attractive, skinny-jeans-wearing, possibly-ironic-rattail-having subject to stand in front of. Now, those three elements combined will produce the best photographs the human mind can possibly imagine.

So, ready to get started? First, find someone attractive. This is really easy to do in Colorado: Beautiful people are everywhere. They can often be found making their way from Buffalo Exchange to City O' City, or jogging along the Cherry Creek Trail -- or any trail for that matter. Once you've stroked their ego enough for them to allow you to photograph them, the next step is to put them in front of some vast landscape of foliage, which in this beautiful state of ours can also be found just about everywhere.

Here are some examples of successful attractive-person-in-front-of-foliage-putting to get your mind juices flowing.

This gentleman's v-neck is doing a lot of work for this photo. His wispy haircut and mysteriously attractive, expressionless demeanor also help make him look like a total badass with his back to those bulls. Without him, this would just be a blurry photo of some livestock.
Here we have a stunning landscape in Iceland. This photo would be good without this dapper young heartthrob sitting contemplatively on the edge of the cliff, inches away from death, but that wouldn't be nearly as cool.
Without this elusive woman's flowing hair mimicking the lake's waves or the distant hills mimicking the curve of her back, this would just be a photo of a dreary lake. Thanks to her, it's a photo of a dreary lake that bitterly recalls all the good times you had with the one that got away.
This attractive woman is embodying the foliage behind her. Standing tall, arms out. Still, more foliage is required. But at least her stance mimics the tree, making her tree-like, and she's wearing skinny jeans and a headband in the native style, which is always good for sales.
You've got the sun, you've got a nice tree in a gently sloping landscape and a beautiful woman in front of it all. This is a recipe for brilliance right here. Take the photo, roll around in the grass a bit, then go home and call your travel agent, because this photo is money in the bank.

What a difference an attractive person makes. You, too, can make a difference with your photographs by always putting attractive people in front of whatever it is you choose to shoot. Now, go forth and make Colorado proud.

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Ben Dayton
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