"Magically Delicious," by Dennis Pippen.
"Magically Delicious," by Dennis Pippen.
Dennis Pippen

Neo Pop and Classic Contemporary Works on Display at Edge

Dennis Pippen, co-president of Edge, makes his Denver gallery debut there with the solo Magically Delicious, in the venue’s recently spiffed up space. The title, which is taken from the Lucky Charms cereal slogan, aptly conveys the idea that Pippen is interested in engaging pop culture with works referring to cartoons and Western iconography.

The title work is a billboard-sized mash-up of advertising images that includes a bowl of Lucky Charms in the foreground, but Pippen has switched the marshmallow bits for pills including valium, Viagra and Vicodin, done in pastel colors just like the clovers, stars and hearts in the actual cereal.

In the back galley is Euclidian Space, a handsome group show put together by Gayla Lemke that includes her own work as well as works drawn from selected faculty members at the Art Students League of Denver. It includes strong entries from Homare Ikeda, Mark Friday, Mark Lunning, Nura Mascarenas, Marianne Mitchell and Jeff Wenzel.

Through May 10 at Edge Gallery, 3658 Navajo Street, 303-477-7173, edgeart.org. 

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