New iPhone app aims to augment your reality on the slopes


Resort Technology Partners

has developed the "first augmented reality iPhone app for skiers and snowboarders" in


,  slated for release today in the iTunes Store. The initial app will be free and include overlays mapping five resorts, including Copper Mountain. A full version will come out later in the month with maps for most North American resorts.

As seen in the video above, the app basically turns your iPhone into a real-time, real-view version of a foldout resort map, with graphics identifying named runs, lifts, terrain parks, restaurants, and the like. It looks pretty cool -- someone once described augmented reality to me as "Iron Man vision" and the next big thing -- but I've got to wonder if it's worth pulling out a phone on the slopes. People are probably best off focusing on the non-augmented reality while zipping down the mountain.

But if you've just gotta have the latest and greatest, then I also recommend getting some special gloves instead of regular liners -- touchscreens and winter weather don't mix all that well.


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