New pick-up joint: Disney on Ice the Princess Classics edition

So, Disney on Ice the Princess Classics edition starts its five-day jaunt in Colorado tonight with a 7 p.m. opening show at the Denver Coliseum, and we are excited. Apparently, this fancy ice show thing (that began its run all the way back in 1981) is still going strong, we just had no idea. Of course, there is the promise of family-friendly "moments of laughter, romance, struggle and triumph as each Disney Princess has her dreams come true." But what if you're a kid-less singleton? Well, we could not think of a better alternative to a usual boozy weekend than picking up on some out-of-town ice skaters.

We thought, why not drag our gay roommate down to the Coliseum this weekend and cruise for attractive ice skater dudes? He swears that even though this is the Princess Classics edition, there will be a bounty of Prince Charmings in the house too. Tickets start at just $15.50, parking shouldn't be too hard to deal with and -- hello -- that mammoth arena sells cotton candy. What more does one need for some hot people-watching?

Seeing a good old-fashioned show might be kind of fun anyway, since we haven't witnessed a Disney on Ice since The Little Mermaid was popping off. Now if only Tron was getting its Disney on Ice re-vamp -- those dudes in black-lit spandex were good looking.

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