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New reality show Mile High Social tackles life, love and cow-tipping in its first video

Although Mile High Social, Denver's newest reality show, is pegged as an honest project with a humanitarian bent, its creators were still amazed by how "real" the first casting call turned out. "I was surprised by how open the women were on camera," Koncrete Media co-founder Dennis Flippin says. "It felt like real people, not just people putting up a front."

The show's first episode won't hit the Internet until mid-April at the earliest, but the crew has created a video preview using outtakes from the casting call -- and Westword has a sneak (below) of many of the more than fifty people who auditioned to become part of the upcoming show, which will focus on women making a difference. Mile High Social will eventually air via regular 7.5-minute episodes, but this funny three-and-a-half-minute outtake reel provides a strong indication of how open and engaging many of the casting candidates can be.

Seriously. The teaser topics include -- but are in no way limited to -- Jaeger, Burning Man, one particular sexual experience there, cow-tipping, open relationships, the Mile High Club, traffic, sex in Paris and, of course, women and their pussies. (It's not what you think.) Keep reading to watch the full preview.

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