No Libertine at Stapleton Target

If you went looking for the Libertine line that debuted at Target on July 15, hopefully you didn't turn up at the Stapleton location, like Cat did.

After not finding anything even mentioning the big release, Cat went and asked the woman working the dressing rooms. "I ain't never heard about nothing like that," she explained.

Ah, yes, excellent.

So then Cat went and found a store manager, who knew nothing about Libertine, either. Though once we finally established that it's a clothing line by Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene, and it's the seventh release in Target's Go International collection, she explained that the Stapleton store doesn't carry Go International. It seems that the high-fashion names at low price points weren't a seller in Stapleton. Those shoppers prefer their look to be a bit more basic. In fact, the manager explained that Stapleton is pretty much "the only store in Colorado that doesn't carry Go International." Still, it's not like the Libertine looks were all the edgy; in fact, Cat was fairly disappointed with their low-end offering.

Yet one more sign that Stapleton is, in fact, the new Stepford.

Everywhere else, however, you can pick up Libertine through September 15. After that, it will be Erin Fetherston with a lot of mod baby-doll dresses.

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