Ode To Denver

Welcome to Denver's second chance

To do the Why 2K farewell dance.

As blue-faced throngs with breath abated,

Exhale at last -- because Webb waited

To make sure folks from Brush to Centennial,

Were safe when seeking to Get Millennial.

Now they can storm Larimer Square, seeking fun

Ready to party like it's 2001.

Dust off a horn and grab a hat,

A new 1,000-year mark has reached the Platte.

Revelers take heart and embrace fate,

We're not slow, just fashionably late.

And maybe because Denver took its time,

The festival will be much more sublime.

Perhaps Ramblin' Roy will wish us luck,

Or Sen. Ben will roar by in a truck.

Maybe Dante B. will stop by

And recall the one time he caught a fly.

Heck, Dottie and Dick, the top-notch smarty,

Will tell us we have a duty to party.

All will pledge a cold martini pact,

To drown the memory of last year's weenie act.

SUVs and minivans can start the push

As the parade begins with Coors and Bush.

From DIA, Rocky Flats and Boulder,

Funsters gather to act a year older.

Yes, Mile High dwellers will stand tall at last,

As they leave their bunkers for this New Year's blast.

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