Off-Center@The Jones Is Coming to Take You Away on Halloween Night

We've come to trust the Denver Center's Off-Center@The Jones when it comes to offbeat theatrical entertainment. Any show put on by Off-Cente – whether it's improv or performance art – pretty much promises to make folks in the audience laugh and/or cry, sometimes at the same time, all while getting a little drunk. And then there's a dance party.

So you're just going to have to trust Off-Center on this one: Tickets have gone on sale for Carpe Nocte, a Halloween-night soiree that begins on a bus leaving from “a discreet location” and ends up in the middle of...well, someplace where mayhem and merriment is guaranteed. But the organizers are not saying where that is. Here's the deal, straight from Off-Center:

Run Time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
Ticket Price: Starts at $47 (Includes bus ride, costume and one wine or beer)
Age Recommendation: Audiences ages 18+ only
Advisory: Recommended for the very adventurous only. Please see link to full advisories below.

Participate in the ritual of the night, filled live music in the spirit of Hallow’s Eve.

HEED THIS WARNING: Your trials will take you on buses to the uncharted, to domains large and small, through a bedlam of loud music and bright lights. Your adventurous spirit will carry you far. Do not resist the night – let it transport you to realms of the unknown.

BE PREPARED: Participants will need to stand for extended periods of time. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Those unable to stand at length or move about comfortably are encouraged to attend the experience and will be accommodated. Costumes of induction will be provided.

Transportation from discrete location 8 to 8:30 p.m. October 31 | No late admittance
Within 15 minutes of Downtown Denver 

Are you game for a magical mystery tour on Halloween? Visit the Carpe Nocte link for further information online or e-mail questions to Off-Center

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