On Trend: Black and Gold Fashion Dominates the Night

We've noticed a new trend emerging in the Denver nightlife scene: black-and-gold fashion. This dark and royal look is being rocked by artists and students alike. Read on to learn about the street-fashion of Chiara Giovando and Kaitlin de la Garza.

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We spotted artist Chiara Giovando, who was visiting Denver, at 35th and Larimer streets. Giovando picked up her Chanel jacket at a thrift store in Boulder. "I don't think it's real," she admits, "but it looks nice." Keep reading for another black-and-gold look. Kaitlin de la Garza is a costume designer who studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver. We spotted her in the 1500 block of Federal Boulevard sporting the black-and-gold color scheme in her jacket and purse. "I really love that Marie Antoinette movie," she says. "That really turned me on to costume design." Her septum piercing is de la Garza's favorite accessory.

"Deborah Harry, Edith Head, Nancy Sinatra and Princess Nokia are all women who inspire my fashion," says de la Garza. "There are days when I want to wear all black and dark makeup and there are other days that I want all the colors on my body," she explains. "Most times I dress like a child. I always think of what I am doing that day and try to set myself up for that."

Says de la Garza: "There are two sides to my style: the black-and-white-goth-pop side and the side of me that wishes I was tropical on a beach in Brazil . Simple sharp lines, architecture and shapes all play into my style."

If you are dressing to express your own personal fashion philosophy -- emphasized in black and gold -- you're on trend, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.