On Trend: Cats and Wolves at The Church

On Sunday night, the Church hosted a dance party focused on anime, hentai and cosplay. We spotted a variety of costumes there, but a common theme was prevalent: stylish, furry felines and wolves. Keep reading to learn what subcultures inspired these looks.

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Dancer Britney Knight dressed as Luna, the black cat from Sailor Moon. "My friend is more into anime and hentai, but I am slowly getting into it," she says. "My tattoos are my favorite accessory. The ones on my arm represent the two sides in life: the good and the bad. I try to make sure I match all the time."

Dancer Ocea Coslett was dressed as Hello Kitty. "I'm wearing the chain because I'm a sub in BDSM. BDSM and cats inspired my fashion tonight, as well as Japanese fashion," she says. "These boots are my favorite accessory." A cat simply known as Freckles is a "professional cuddler." "Black and white inspired my outfit tonight," Freckles tells us. "I love anime and read many titles. My collar is my favorite accessory."

Keep reading to see wolf fashion from The Church!

Steve Howarth, crew chief at a pizzeria in Monument, wore a custom black-leather wolf mask. "I added this fur trim to the military coat I found at the ARC. I also added three pairs of handcuffs to my pants. Handcuffs are my favorite accessory" he says. "I'm more of a comic fan than an anime fan. Gothic fashion inspires my fashion as well." Dancer Luna Mindy dressed up as a wolf, too. "I really like wolf girls. I'm more into the goth scene than the anime scene. I love the colors purple and black in fashion as well," says Mindy.

Regardless of what subculture you belong to -- be it goth, anime, cosplay, hentai, animals or Japanese fashion in general -- go out and have a good time while staying on trend, Denver.

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