On Trend: Floral Prints Growing in Popularity on the Street

Autumn is off to a leafy start, but local fashionistas are still celebrating Mother Nature with floral prints. This past week we spotted floral prints in several neighborhoods, on both ladies and gentlemen. Read on to learn how to rock the trend yourself, and where to buy floral fashion.

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Talie Ayers, the owner and a hairstylist at Three Birds Salon, was spotted on Colfax and Washington. "I love necklaces, but I love accessories that are can be worn multiple ways," she says. Here she demonstrates how to wear a scarf as a head wrap, with shades from True Love. "I love floral prints. I feel like you should always stop and smell the roses. I like to mix and match different patterns of floral. It's a timeless trend," she adds. Ayers received this purse from a friend; it was a gift from Hawaii. "I like to trade fashion with my friends," she says. An anonymous concert-goer at 1-Up Colfax was spotted rocking daisy-printed shorts, her own take on floral. In a rush to catch the concert, she couldn't stop to chat. Operations support specialist Andrea Pruett, was hanging out at Colfax and Clarkson when we spotted her in a black-and-white, floral-printed kimono. "I'm Japanese, Dutch, English and German, so I like floral prints a lot," she says. "Black is my favorite color to wear. This kimono is flowy and pretty. I like flowers because of my Asian heritage." Keep reading to see where men can find floral fashion. This monochromatic button-up for men is available at Forever 21 and shows how the contrast between black and white can be masculine. Guys can sport floral in the accessories department as well. These floral-printed hats from B. Fresh and So Gnar are available at Buffalo Exchange.

Regardless if you prefer floral patterns in small doses or large bouquets, in monochromatic or colorful schemes, it's clear that floral is on trend in Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.