On Trend: Fur Delivers Fun, Texture...and Warmth

Fur is making a strong statement this season, appearing both on the runway -- at the Larimer Square Winter Fashion Show at the Edge Lounge, a model wore a bikini and a fur hat from Blue Ruby & Scarpaletto -- and on the streets. We caught up with several local tastemakers to ask why they like to wear fur, and to get some tips on how to incorporate the fuzzy texture into your own wardrobe.

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We spotted Heather Okimoto, editor in chief and creative director of Denver Style Magazine, at Larimer Square's Winter Fashion Show at Edge Lounge wearing a faux-fur vest. Brandi Shigley was wearing a Lykafur jacket when we spotted her near her office in the Golden Triangle. "This ankle-long Lykafur resembles mink," she says. "I got this jacket because it's a family heirloom from my parents, which they got from our ninety-year-old neighbor. It feels like I'm wrapped up in a bear. For me, it's practical. I wear this fur because it's warm and comfortable." Keep reading for more fur -- faux and real. We spotted sound engineer Mike Sperandeo at Auraria wearing a black faux-fur scarf. "If I can afford real fur, I would wear it," Sperandeo says. "I like faux-fur because it adds another texture to an outfit. Most clothes are very two-dimensional and flat. Fur can break up the outfit. I love animals, so if I were to wear an animal it would be ritualistic and I would hope to have known the animal and thank it for its death." You can rock fur in any neutral color: White, black, light and dark brown are all good choices. You can buy real fur at the Overland store on Larimer and 16th streets.

Regardless if you wear real fur or faux-fur, Denver, always stay on trend.

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