On Trend: Graphic Prints at ArtDenver and on Broadway

Bright and bold graphic-printed fashion is all the rage these days. Over the past week, we've noticed photographic imagery printed on everything from skirts to socks, and everywhere from the streets to the runway. Read on to learn more about these graphics, how to wear them, and why people like picturesque images on their clothing.

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ArtDenver, a weekend-long event at the Colorado Convention Center, is the newest endeavor from the Cherry Creek Art Festival, A fashion show took center stage on November 14, kicking of three days filled with art, food and the fine art of living. The four designers featured were Michael Costello, Justin LeBlanc, Mondo Guerra and Geoffrey Mac. Guerra and Mac showcased designs that were bold and electric, and the colors popped off the runway. Artist Jenny Martinez, who attended the fashion show, demonstrated playfulness with her own wardrobe. Her head-to-toe look consisted of a loose tie, sneakers and a graphic-printed skirt. Her pop of color came in the form of a clutch that contrasted with her gray leggings and blazer. "I wanted to dress whimsical and fun," Martinez says. "Fashion should not be so serious all of the time." Her fun, graphic printed skirt features a UK landscape -- specifically Big Ben. Recording artist Rooster Jake goes by the name Barely Free; we spotted the Saint Louis native outside Mutiny Cafe on Broadway. "This is just how I like to dress," he says. "Everyone back home is really creative and our clothes are just an extension of that creativity." Jake's socks featured a graphic print of a Celtics basketball player and worked well with his already bright outfit of printed meggings (leggings for guys) and orange and white sneakers.

From the runway to the street, stay graphic with your fashion, Denver, and remain on trend.

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