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On Trend: Neon Colors Our World at DISH and Dateline

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Bright, bold colors are making a splash on the Denver streets -- just in time for the transition between summer and fall. This week we noticed neon colors at Dateline gallery, as well as at DISH. Keep reading to learn why these fashionistas prefer their wardrobe with a heavy dose of color -- and where they shop.

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Denver Bronco orange was a definite trend among all the proud football fans at DISH at Sculpture Park on Sunday, September 7. But some locals showed their colors in a more innovative manner. Gina Zito, a professional dog groomer, rocked neon orange tights, for example. "I just really love color. It's a good representation of my personality and reminds me to be as outgoing as possible. I always feel like you should dress how you want to feel," she explains.

"There is not much fashion available for plus-sized women, so I try to embrace it and be proud of it," Zito adds. "As I got older, I became more into bold colors with my fashion and make-up. I shop ASOS online a lot of the times. I love Mod Cloth online as well. Purple is my favorite color. My hair used to be purple, but I recently changed to this new blue."

"Handbags and lipstick are my favorite accessories," adds Zito, who sported high heels at her first DISH event. She also rocked this punk-rock clutch that features decorative knuckles. Non-practicing lawyer Amanda Tobey was also spotted at DISH. A Denver native, Tobey says the heat helped her decide on her outfit. "It's still summer here in Colorado, so shorts make sense," says Tobey. Tobey rounded out her look with baubles: pearls and a watch. When it comes to accessories, "I try not to over-think it. It's just whatever I grab first," she says. "My favorite color is blue and my favorite accessory are high heels. Always high heels," explains Tobey, who combined both of her favorites into this one pair of shoes. She admits that the Denver Broncos inspired her outfit as well.

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We spotted Gaia Dispensary budtender and trimmer Atticus Landa at Dateline gallery at last weekend's opening reception for You Look How I Used To. His colorful bucket hat in shades of maroon is from No Stems NYC Landa's long sleeve shirt with neon green text is from an online brand named 1992 Gear. Social media inspires Landa's style. "I have had a tumbler for my entire adult life and it has connected me to many styles that I would have never been exposed to. The subject matter of my style inspiration is anime, art and weed -- in that order," he explains. Of his love of neon colors, Landa says, "I'm attracted to neon colors because of my use of psychedelic drugs and my interest in art. My two favorite artists of all time are Talia Migliaccio and Oliver Hibert. Oliver, in particular, is the real reason that I love neon colors so much and integrate them into my style. He frequently uses neons in his art and style and he has been on point for years." This limited-edition pair of Converse features an all-over graphic of The Simpsons cast. The characters "know what's up," he says. "I started aggressively watching The Simpsons at an inappropriately young age and the humor and their overall opinion of the human race stuck with me." We spotted Ivan Padilla, a dispatcher for Comcast, on a cloudy day on Colfax and Grant; he told us the weather inspired his look. His hat and sunglasses are by Pink Dolphin Clothing A San Francisco native, Padilla loves Pink Dolphin. "I like to wear hot pink and turquoise and neon," he says. "My biggest fashion inspiration is Yung L, who started Pink Dolphin." His shirt is by Polo Ralph Lauren. Padilla's shoes are Nike FlyKnit Trainers in a Squadron Blue and Pink Flash color way. They match his Pink Dolphin cap nicely.

Even though the seasons are changing, style is eternal. Remember to dress in your favorite colors -- and to stay on trend, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.