On Trend: Sweater Weather Brings Out Layers and Earth Tones

With fall in full swing and temperatures changing by the hour, it's prime time for cardigans. We noticed retailer Mario Charleston sporting a layered look in an all-natural palette at the Denver Pavilions and Lindsey Jackson sporting her layered look near the State Capital building. Read on to learn where Charleston and Jackson shop and what inspires them to wear earth-tone layers.

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"My mother's fashion sense has always intrigued me," Charleston says. "My partner has a keen fashion sense. I am always wowed by fashion majors. I have gotten tons and tons of ideas from fashion majors. I attended college in Mississippi and noticed lots of independent designers trying to start their own labels." New York and London also inspire his fashion, he adds.

Of his personal style mantra, Charleston says, "I look in the mirror and say 'own it,' because I'm wishy-washy about my outfit some days. I was very iffy about this outfit. So I just owned it today. Layers work for me because my personality is multi-layered. I love the sophistication of a cardigan. I can't help but think of the ultimate cardigan rocker, Mister Rogers, and the air of confidence about him. "

He continues: "A part of my fashion sense comes from colors I see in nature. I notice patterns blended together and I can see those patterns in my clothes. The colors represent my thoughts meshing together as well." That variety of colors comes together on his printed sweater. "My favorite color is green," Charleston says.These wingtip dress-up shoes round out his earth-tone layered look. "I shop at H&M, Jack Threads and Pac Sun. The Cherry Creek Mall is my favorite. I try to make sure that pieces of my personality are in the outfit and that I am comfortable," Charleston explains. "Watches and bracelets are my favorite accessory." Here he displays a combination of beads, bracelets and a watch from Jack Threads.

Lindsey May Jackson is a student at University of Colorado Denver, who we spotted near Colfax and Sherman streets. On her style mantra, Jackson says she asks herself, "how do I feel in this outfit? It's always a different answer, but I always want to be sexy and comfortable," she explains.

Jackson's head to toe look consists of a lace dress, leather boots, a wool cardigan, and plenty of accessories. "For fall, London street style inspires me. Any big city really. When I studied abroad in London it inspired me to think outside of the box with layers and experiment with my style," she says. "Magazines like Nylon, V, Interview, and others inspire me. I love lifestyle and culture magazines instead of just fashion magazines," adds Jackson.

Handbags are Jackson's favorite accessory, and here she has her brown leather Marc Jacobs purse with a bejeweled scarf, strappy leather watch, and knee high socks. "I like to layer because I have a lot of clothing. I try to put it all in one outfit. I try to go with color and texture, and have a good mix going. The color, fit and how it feels when I wear it are all important."

Where does Jackson find her fall fashion? " I know what I like when I go shopping. I do not shop online because it scares me. You don't know how it fits, or if it's going to be too big or too small. I shop in local boutiques and department stores," says Jackson.

Stay stylish, Denver -- but remember, it could be cold out there, so dress in layers!

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