On Trend: Waiting for Alexander Wang at H&M

H&M just unveiled its annual designer collection, this time a collaboration with Alexander Wang. In the hours leading up to Thursday's release, we chatted with some of the diehard fashionistas who were waiting in line by the H&M at Denver Pavilions so that they could shop the collection first. Keep reading to learn what inspires their style, and why they love Alexander Wang so much.

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We spotted MAC makeup artist Forrest Simms in line on the 16th Street Mall two hours before the collection launched. He was sporting a Wang handbag he bought at Nordstrom, a Calvin Klein jacket and rabbit-fur scarf. Here's how Simms explains why he adores Wang as a designer: "I love his aesthetic and I think he is very simplistic. I like his activewear trend right now." This group was the first in line, and waited ten hours to shop the collection. Keep reading for more on waiting for Wang. University of Colorado student Daniel Saun was waiting in line for Wang because "I gotta show love. There is no fashion scene here," he explains. "Rick Owens, Supreme and A Bathing Ape are some of my style icons."

Saun's style mantra is "everything has to flow," he says. "Find a balance. No logos or branding, stick to basics."

"My favorite accessory are backpacks and my favorite color is black," adds Saun. While standing at the head of the line, he shows off his Supreme backpack.

Even if you have to wait for your fashion, Denver, look good and remain on trend.

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