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Once upon a time, Lipgloss DJ Michael Trundle was my babysitter. (Okay, not really)

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Bree Davies: So, I told my editors that I have known you since I was born.

Michael Trundle: And they forced you to talk to me?

Shut up. No. I thought we could, you know, chat! About something. We can talk about anything you want. We don't even have to talk about Lipgloss, if you don't want to.

Well, it's part of my life.

And mine. But we should talk about how we know each other -- which is because our moms were BFFs back in the day. Yes, and when I told my mom that I would we talking to you, she said to pass her regards on to your mom. She probably said it nicer than that. Maybe like, "Ask Bree how her mom's doing. I miss her."

I always joke that you were my babysitter -- which is kind of an exaggeration. Your mom was my babysitter. You were just at the house all of the time. Because you know, you were a kid who lived there.

Yeah, I was not your babysitter. I was out causing problems. Or I locked myself in my room and read all of the time.

Totally! You were the elusive weird older kid that I was partially afraid of.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. I also have heard you say that you were one of the first people to hold me after I was born.

I mean, we were at your house when you came home from the hospital. I was probably one of the first, twenty people, maybe, who held you when you came home. (Laughs) I have a memory of that -- I was pretty young at the time. How old are you now? Is that a question I can ask?

I'm 31.

So I was nine. You know how you create stories based off of memories you have around a time? I seem to recall that. We should ask our moms.

I didn't realize you were the same Michael Trundle from my childhood when I first started going to Lipgloss in 2002. Really? I remember you showing up at 60 South (60 South Broadway, first location of the then-monthly Lipgloss). I remember talking to you and I think that was the first time we talked to each other again, and I remember thinking, holy shit.

Lipgloss was on a Monday, I barely remember that much.

It was once-a-month on Mondays, and then we moved to every Monday. We did that for maybe six months and then moved to every Friday.

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Bree Davies is a multimedia journalist, artist advocate and community organizer born and raised in Denver. Rooted in the world of Do-It-Yourself arts and music, Davies co-founded Titwrench experimental music festival, is host of the local music and comedy show Sounds on 29th on CPT12 Colorado Public Television and is creator and host of the civic and social issue-focused podcast, Hello? Denver? Are You Still There? Her work is centered on a passionate advocacy for all ages, accessible, inclusive, non-commercial and autonomous DIY art spaces and music venues in Denver.
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