Out With the Old Wardrobe, in With the New at Denver Swap Shop

You look good, of course, but you could look better. Maybe it's time to update those skinny jeans to something more flattering, or maybe you're just tired of rocking vintage grunge flannel and are ready to move on to the next nostalgic revival. Whatever fashion-forward look you see in your immediate future, chances are good you can find it -- and cheaply! -- at the Denver Swap Shop.

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"It's basically a way for you to swap out your whole wardrobe for $25," explains Heather Okimoto, co-owner of the Denver Swap Shop. "It's a full fashion day -- we're going to have a hair stylist, a makeup artist, a nail artist. It's all included."

It works like this: Sign up this week and schedule a drop-off of some of your gently used clothes by August 17. The Swap Shop's experts will go through your stuff and figure out what can move and issue you a bunch of "swap dollas" to use at the event on August 21, when you can cash in those "dollas" for new-to-you threads.

Need a little help with your new look? Don't worry, the Swap Shop will have a pair of local fashion bloggers on hand for consultation; there will also be hair, makeup and nail experts ready to top off that new you. All the clothing is priced under $10, and if your trade-ins can't quite get you there, you can also use traditional currency to make up the difference.

The event runs from noon to 7 p.m. Thursday, August 21, in the Create Showroom at Metro State University of Denver, 890 Auraria Parkway, Suite 120. Admission is $25 presale and $30 at the door, and includes $5 worth of credit. The deadline for clothing drop-offs is August 17, so don't dawdle. For more info and tickets, visit the Denver Swap Shop website.

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