Over the weekend: Camping out at the Miss Modernism Pageant

Dana Cain is a woman with an inborn swagger, albeit one that's both sweet and a bit daft. Her whole reason to exist revolves around whether or not she can top herself at her own projects, and she often succeeds. Case in point: This year's Denver Modernism Show. To promote the massive design and kitsch expo that's already an atomic blast in and of itself, Cain stepped up the hoopla by adding, in particular, the first-ever mid-century beauty pageant. OMG. See what ensued after the jump.

Talent: Alisa Reynolds took it off, all off. Aprons, that is...

A song that was too long (Tish should have stopped while she still had the audience) and a Miss Mod poetry reading. A free-form twist, a torch song with jokes and a hula-hooper.

Vivienne VaVoom's Barbarella strip tease!

Runner Up: Alisa Reynolds! She stole the judges' hearts with her coy, housewife looks.

And the winnah! Mystery contestant Jamie. She simply blew everyone away with her sincerity and musicianship/tap-dancing skills!

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