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Over the Weekend: Create Denver's urban light show brings video art to the street

It was a lovely, cool evening on Friday night, as the sun went down and people began to gather in the shadow of the Spire at 14th and Champa streets in the Denver Theatre District. The second night of Create Denver Week 2011 held the promise of what would perhaps be its most ambitious display: Local Network: Gathering of New Pioneers, featuring a pre-show panel discussion up in the Spire, followed by two video programs, each monumental in its own way, shown back-to-back against an urban landscape. The first, Frame of Mind, sponsored by the DTD and Downtown Denver Partnership and curated by Ivar Zeile and Ryan Pattie of Plus Gallery, comprised a one-two punch of quick digital media works on the massive Colorado Convention Center LED screen. The second program, Design Pioneers: 3D Video Projection Showcase, cast a spectacular 3D light show against the wall of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Yes, it was a scene, people, and here are some of the sights:

Pre-show entertainment on the street included BMX tricks by the Yellow Designs Stunt Team.

There was a craft table where you could create your own artistic take on the Denver Boot, using a cardboard cutout, spray paint, balloons and other materials. A lively free-form pas de deux to "Satisfaction" and soundscapes by Pictureplane kept the audience loose. Create Denver's local-designer product-launch display and a whimsical installation by Matt Scobey from the previous night's festivities at the Spire were still open for public viewing. And Breathe Studio hosted some pretzel-tastic yoga antics on 14th Street. As darkness fell, the LED screen lit up. The following video from Plus Gallery offers an idea of the experience; find more at the Plus YouTube channel.

Colorado Springs video artist Atomic Elroy focused upon his big mouth. All's well that ends well... And then, without further adieu, the Ellie transformed into a moving picture canvas.

We were especially taken with the giant eyeball of doom. Aren't you?

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