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Over the Weekend: Just wild about Harry at the Saturday IMAX matinee

As projected, the crowds came out for this weekend's premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, to the tune of $125.1 million, the most ever for a Potter flick. That included my family's little donation to the total weekend box-office; we caught Deathly Hallows Saturday at the 3:45 p.m. IMAX matinee at the United Artists Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX theater, where we waited to see it with the rest of the hoi polloi for nearly two hours. The fact that people leaving the previous show were unanimously positive only made the wait seem that much longer, so I took my camera and the seemingly endless opportunity to quiz some of our fellow stairway companions before the magical gates opened on the tail end of long, long journey. Here's what they had to say.

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Alexa and Alesya:

Westword: Who's your favorite character in the Harry Potter series? The unanimous answer: Harry Potter! This is Alexa and Alesya's first time seeing Deathly Hallows. Their dad notes that this movie is "the beginning of the end."

Madison and Zane:

Madison arrived completely accessorized, with her owl, wand and book. WW: How did you prepare for seeing the new movie? Zane: Madison watched all of the first six movies. WW: Who is your favorite character? Madison: Hermione. WW: What so you like most about the Harry Potter series? M: The fantasy, the magic and the spells. This is Zane and Madison's first viewing.

Janelle and Kallan:

WW:Did you prepare ahead of time for this movie? Kallan: I reread all the books. WW:Who is your favorite character? Janelle: Bellatrix! Kallan: Luna Lovegood. WW: What do you like about the movies? Both: The special effects and how everything is magical. This is the first viewing for Janelle. Kallan saw a special preview screening last Wednesday.

Hadley, Erin and Kate:

WW: Are you here because you love Harry Potter or because it's something to do? All: A little bit of both. Kate: Harry Potter is pretty cool. WW: Favorite character? Hadley: Harry Potter. Erin: Ron. Kate: All of them. This is their first viewing.

Clara, Michelle and Lily:

WW: Are you big Harry Potter fans? Michelle: Clara follows it, but Lily is a real fan. WW: How did you prepare for this movie? Lily: I watched all the other movies. WW: Favorite characters? Lily: Luna, Hagrid and Sirius Black. WW: Are you sad that it's almost all over? Lily: I am sad, but I'll always have the books...

Sarah, Manuel and Pablo:

This trio was first in line. WW:Are you big Harry Potter fans? Sarah: We are, but we've never been first in line for a movie before. WW: Favorite character? Sarah: Oh, I can't decide. Manuel and Pablo: Dumbledore. WW:What do you like about the movies? Pablo: The fantasy. It's fun and it moves fast.

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