Over the Weekend: Shoppers got lucky at the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market

I know I felt lucky as I walked up to the new Horseshoe market in Berkeley Park on Saturday. It was cool and sunny and it smelled like pizza -- really good pizza -- and the parking lot at the Moore Olinger Howard Chapel was filled front to back with bustling tents. I have to say it was one of the best fleas I've ever been to, precisely because it wasn't just a flea, but a full-on handmade market featuring local work, as well. And in terms of variety, the Horseshoe totally rocked. I never knew what I'd find around the next corner. It was apparently a good day for the vendors, too, with big crowds of people who were buying. If this was a test run, it took first place. Here's hoping promoter Amy Yetman succeeds, as planned, in bringing the Horseshoe back next spring for a monthly run through the summer.

After the jump, find a picture-show of what folks were buying.

Beautiful booths on a beautiful day.

People-watching and street-style.

Cute stuff for kids:

And cool stuff for grownups:

Vintage and kitsch:

Pizza to order from the Basic Kneads traveling oven!

And just more stuff:

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