Over the Weekend: Untitled #33 (Pledge) at the Denver Art Museum

I have to admit I wasn't quite in sync with Friday night's Untitled theme at the Denver Art Museum: Pledge. Pledge? It had something to do, they told me, with artists making creative pledges to accomplish certain things and how to keep museum installations well dusted; people, they said, could confess to broken resolutions and just decide to do better things as the rest of the year unfurls. O. Kay. So I went to the monthly event, which just returned for a new season, to see what Untitled was all about, and I think I now get it. In the main lobby, visitors were invited to write down a personal pledge on a sticky note and have their pictures taken with the pledge at a ready-and-waiting computer station. The photos were then projected on the wall/ceiling, where they could be viewed from a stairway and overlook. We tagged along for DAM collections assistant Jen Dibbern's presentation on keeping artworks clean, with a focus on Sandy Skoglund's Fox Games installation. Along the way, we took in some art. DJ spins echoed through the museum galleries. An abbreviated Buntport Theater troupe of two delivered an episode of the series Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight's Theme from their stage in the freight elevator. Afterward, we wandered through an area where you could cast your vote for one of three proposed themes for the first Untitled in 2012. Each theme camp hosted accompanying art projects for adults. And then, you could walk into a phone booth and drop off your guilt over not sticking to that diet. We took in some more art. To top it all off, we caught some live music by Bonnie and the Beard.

There was more -- inspirational artist talks and additional DIY stations, but part of the beauty of Untitled is that you can take in as much or as little as you like.

I can say this: In addition to providing an especially upbeat opportunity to visit and revisit the collections in the DAM's Hamilton Building, it's silly and fun and something culturally stimulating to do on a Friday night, rather than going to a bar to drink (you can, actually, enjoy a glass of wine while you're there). So go on: The next Untitled, I.D., will be February 25. Go, and I challenge you to not loosen up. Get information at Untitled's Collective website.

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