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The book as an object of art — or artist books — became popular in the latter part of the twentieth century and includes everything from small-edition letter-press books of poetry to weird, one-of-a-kind book-like objects that don't necessarily have text or illustrations.

Need to know more? Tonight's closing reception for the Book Arts League Member Show is the perfect opportunity to see firsthand a good cross-section of artist books from league members, the community and the Abecedarian Gallery’s collection.

“A really fine artist book has an effective marriage of many aspects, which include the content, the structure and the craftsmanship,” says gallery director Alicia Bailey. “It's really important to see artist books to get an idea of what they are about.”

The show will also include longtime letter-press printer and poet Tom Parsons, who will demonstrate printing with a small clamshell press, and letter-press printer and handmade-paper maker Ray Tomasso, who will discuss paper. The reception starts at 6 p.m. at Abecedarian, 910 Santa Fe Drive; admission is free. For information, call 720-282-4052 or go to
Sept. 5-Oct. 24, 2009

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