Paper Work a cut above at Center for Visual Art

For Paper Work, Cecily Cullen, the creative director at Metropolitan State University's Center for Visual Art, has put together an exhibit that surveys artists from Colorado and around the country who are using paper to create 3-D compositions. Paper is a familiar art material, but it's typically used as a base for drawings or watercolors. For these artists, though, paper is something with which to create sculptures or even pull off an all-encompassing environment. See also: Arvada Center takes a leap outside with Unbound: Sculpture in the Field That's what Liz Miller did with "Splendiferous Jungle Warfare," which was specifically created for this show and fills an entire gallery. Though Miller gets the tour-de-force award, all the artists -- Melissa Jay Craig, Jennifer Ghormley, Anne Hallam, Bovey Lee, Diane Martonis, Dawn McFadden, Mia Pearlman and Susan Porteous -- contribute ambitious and striking works.

One of the most remarkable features of the show's pieces is how meticulously crafted they are; some of the artists, including Lee and Martonis, have cut the papers used for their works with all of the precision of a surgeon. Talk about hand-to-eye coordination!

The show, which opened July 20, runs through August 2 at the MSU Center for Visual Art, 965 Santa Fe Drive. For more information call 303-296-5207 or go to msudenver.edu/cva.

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