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Conspiracy theories are as much a part of the American landscape as Facebook and apple pie. The moon landing was faked, 9/11 was an inside job — this is the fuel for Denver native Steven Dietz's new play, Yankee Tavern. Set in a run-down tavern in New York City, Dietz's story revolves around bar owner Adam, conspiracy-obsessed Ray and a mysterious stranger who knows more than he should. "It's a conspiracy thriller," says Curious Theatre Company marketing director Tonya Malik. "There's a surprise at every turn. You might be watching over your shoulder. At the very least, it will leave you with an intense curiosity to find out more about everything you learned."

Rooted heavily in 9/11 theories, the play takes off when Adam reveals he's writing his thesis on conspiracy theories, leaves for a meeting with a professor in Washington, D.C., and then disappears. "We love this play," says Malik. "It's smart and moves at a good speed." As a National New Play Network Continued Life Project, Yankee Tavern has a "rolling premiere" tonight at 8 p.m. at Curious, its second stop on a four-stop tour that includes Florida Stage, the New Jersey Repertory Company and the Actor's Theatre of Charlotte; the Denver run continues through October 24.

Curious is at 1080 Acoma Street; tickets for Yankee Tavern are $18 to $42. For more information, call 303-623-0524 or go to
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m. Starts: Sept. 10. Continues through Oct. 24, 2009

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