Party and pay Presidents' Day tribute at KGNU's Drinkin' with Lincoln

Folks don't usually think of turning Presidents' Day into a party with drinking games. This most humble of three-day weekends is often associated with mattress sales and sanctioned hooky-playing, not necessarily the beloved national heroes it was meant to honor.

But KGNU Community Radio is out to combine both the honoring and the swilling parts at tonight's Drinkin' with Lincoln event, an evening devoted to Lincolnian facts and trivia...and a bit of silly quaffing in the name of Honest Abe.

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The discussion will feature a distinguished panel of local scholars, but the fun begins whenever the words "emancipation," "state's rights" or "insanity" are mentioned. Can you hold your suds?

Find out from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight at Shine in Boulder; admission to the all-ages event (okay, you can quaff a Coke, too) is a $5 donation to the volunteer-supported public radio station. Visit the website for details.

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