Party time! Here's what you missed at the Show and Tell launch

If you were to walk up to us over here at


while we were partying, and you were to say something like, "Sir, I will pay you a large sum of money to mess around right now," there is no doubt that we would staunchly refuse your offer, however generous. Because when we at


party, friends, we do not mess around. Last night was no exception. Friendships were forged, tears of joy were cried, and yet, amid the hooting and hollering and awesomeness, we found time to take photos


get our nails done. Now that's cultured. Find out what you'll regret missing for the rest of your life after the jump. Photos by Nick Lucchesi. Mondo was in the house. A robot painting, for some reason. Martini, manicure, drunk photographer. Ah, brotherhood. Pardon me, but have you seen how badass I am? Listing to port. Go on, girl, get your nails did. Hello my name is Simon, and I like to show drawrings. BFFs 4eva

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