Pass fraudster doubles down, threatens witness, ends up with felony

Came across this story in the Summit Daily News about a Wyoman who got nabbed at Keystone using a buddy's pass, then decided to escalate things.
From Robert Allen's story:
The man caught using someone else's pass in the lift line told a deputy it was cheaper "to have a pass loaded" onto his friend's pass than to buy a one-day pass. He said he would pay "something" for a pass, but "not one hundred dollars," according to the SCSO report.

He became aggressive toward the witness, and the deputy told the man he would be arrested if he continued to act that way.

Then the guy stewed on it for a little while before running into the Keystone employee who served as the witness later that evening at a convenience store and told him he was going to beat the snot out of him. The witness called 911 and pretty soon both the fraudster and his mom were getting busted.

The mother was issued a summons for hindering an active investigation, and the man was arrested and charged with retaliation on a witness -- a third-degree felony.

Immediately after taken into custody, the man spontaneously uttered: "If I would have known  I was getting arrested anyway, I would have just kicked his ass!"

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Eric Peterson