Peg-ass-us gives you a leg up on the Boulder Fringe Festival

John Leo and Sophie Nimmannit met at the Boulder Fringe Festival some years ago, the story goes, and it was kismet -- on both personal and professional planes. The bicoastal couple threw their fates together and created their own baby: the fringey comedy Peg-ass-us, which has been their bread-and-butter ever since.

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The title pretty much gives away what it's all about, at least in certain arcane circles: In Peg-ass-us, Leo and Nimmannit, together known as Pack of Others, use physical -- very physical -- humor, puppets and funny songs to discuss the practice of "pegging," which you can Google, in comedic terms.

They're returning to the Boulder Fringe this year to present the piece in triumph, but Denverites can get a sneak peek without driving the turnpike, tonight through Saturday at Work|Space in the Laundry on Lawrence.

Catch Peg-ass-us at 8 p.m. nightly; special guests at the post-play talkback include pansexuality "expert" Kitten Karlyle on Friday and queer kink Shana Katz on Saturday. For tickets, $12, visit the Pack of Others Eventbrite page.

Still not convinced? Here's the tease:

And if you miss it in Denver, there will still be six chances to see it in Boulder, beginning August 16. Visit the Facebook event page for details.

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