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Reader: The Denver I've Known Forty Years Is Disappearing

The 2018 People's Fair: going, going, gone?
The 2018 People's Fair: going, going, gone? Brandon Marshall
When the news broke yesterday afternoon, it seemed like the end of an era: The People's Fair will not be back in 2019. That makes three major changes in this summer's festival lineup: Velorama had already announced it was ending its run after two years and Grandoozy says it is taking a "hiatus" after just one year. But in contrast, the People's Fair is a Denver institution that's almost fifty years old.

This notice is now posted on "The longstanding tradition of the People’s Fair will be taking a hiatus in 2019 and will look to return in 2020. We would like to thank all of the past supporters of the festival as we work to make People’s Fair even more unique, interactive, and a standout festival in the Denver community."

Readers are now debating whether the fair will actually come back...and whether it should. Says Keith:

So sad...the Denver I have known for over forty years is slowly and surely disappearing. This is just another step on the way to Denver losing its uniqueness.
Adds Jerome: 
Sign of the times, horrible!!
Responds Rachel: 
I’m so disappointed. I looked forward to the People’s Fair every year. I hope it comes back for 2020.
Says Sean:
This is bullshit! They need to find a way to keep it going.
But Sarah says:
 Recent ones were nothing liked they used to be. Nothing original. Sad.
Adds Ellie: 
The last few it has sucked anyway. Every booth is at every festival and it just keeps getting more expensive but there’s nothing new or cool about it. Oh well. This is what happens when commercialism takes over.
Kurt elaborates: 
The Taste of Colorado sucked last year too, and so did Pride. It seems like all the Denver fairs have just turned into themes they can slap on a lunch box and sell to you at triple price. They use to be fun.
Monte suggests:
 Let's just hold our own festival in Civic Center Park this summer.
And Joanna concludes:
 Denver is not Denver and Colorado is not Colorado. ANYMORE.
Keep reading for more on the festivals that won't be back in Denver this summer:

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