Personal Style: Jack Finlaw

Jack Finlaw, the director of Denver's Division of Theaters and Arenas, has a handsome collection of cufflinks. He should -- he's been collecting since he was a boy. "I got my first pair when I was nine or ten," Finlaw says. "I wanted to copy my grandfather."

When he landed in London later in life, as an attorney, his passion grew because "everyone there wears cufflinks," particularly the silk knots known as "turtle heads." Since then, he's also collected a pair of silver rooster heads and numerous versions adorned with beautiful stones. The collection continues to expand when he makes it to New York and can "salivate" at Bergdorf Goodman. (Cat can't blame him; she salivates over a few things there herself.) Next on the list is a set crafted of sterling silver.

It's always good to have a conversation starter when you're Mayor Hickenlooper's go-to guy on all things arts. Not that Finlaw needs it: When he met Cat for drinks at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House (one of the venues he oversees), every person in the building tripped over themselves to accommodate the soft-spoken, modest man. Now they know how to get to his heart...

Jack's infamous rooster heads.

More of the collection.
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Amy Haimerl