The Source Hotel opened last summer in RiNo.
The Source Hotel opened last summer in RiNo.
Rino Art District

Peter Greenberg Focuses Eye on Travel on Denver Today

When Peter Greenberg was in town last month for the annual travel show, he taped an episode of Eye on Travel, a three-hour radio program that is broadcast from a different place each week, ranging from major cities to remote locations around the world.

For the show taped on February 23 and airing today, that place was the Source Hotel + Marketplace in RiNo, where Greenberg talked with a variety of guests about what's hot in Denver right now. The Source certainly qualifies, as does Safta, the hotel restaurant where Greenberg had eaten the night before.

This city's restaurants were a big topic on the show, as were beer, Denver International Airport, the arts...and pot, of course, since Colorado's legalization of marijuana is still the subject of much curiosity around the country.

"I've always had a great time here," says Greenberg, who's been visiting Denver for close to five decades. "You keep reinventing yourselves," he shares with his first guest, Governor Jared Polis. Among the others: Ed Sealover of the Denver Business Journal; singer-songwriter Sarah Slaton; Tracy Weil, co-founder of the RiNo Arts District; chef Jeff Osaka; developer Kyle Zeppelin, who created the Source, among other projects, and me.

Eye on Travel airs from 8 to 11 a.m. today on CBS Radio; you can also tune in at petergreenberg.com/category/eye-on-travel/.

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