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Photos: Five memorable Missed Connections from PrideFest weekend on Denver Craigslist

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The joyous weekend of PrideFest was not without its misfortunes, in the form of chance interactions and longing gazes that left one party wanting more, but not knowing where to find it. Enter Craigslist Missed Connections, questionably the only matchmaking tool worse than The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV series, but nonetheless entertaining. Read on for five of the most amusing, though sometimes puzzling, missed connections from Denver PrideFest 2012.

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5. Looking for Sexy Police Officer If you're envisioning hotpants and cleavage, think again. This person is searching for a real police officer, not someone in a sorority girl-esque Halloween costume. "I made a horrible joke about you handcuffing me," she writes. Nothing is worse that arrested love. 4. Voter registration at Pride yesterday We're not really sure if this registered voter is looking for a specific registrar, or just anyone who was carrying a clipboard that day: "Obviously there were many of you so if you did this, e-mail me and we'll see if we're a match."

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3. Pictures From Denver Pride 2012 He didn't bring a camera, but he did bring a whip. If you captured photos of the parade, click through to hook this svelte leather daddy up with his new Facebook profile pic:

"I am looking for pictures from Denver Pride 2012, I did not have a camera on me so i did not get any pictures of myself of my own.... I was also in the parade with the Leather guys.... if you got me in any of the pictures you took, could you please send me a copy. I would be very happy to see some of my pics from pride. The picture attached is myself. thank you very much! if you have any pics just send em to me :)"

2. The Hypnotist and I A casual encounter in the blunt circle:

"We passed around a blunt. In the meantime, you stared into my eyes as I stared into yours. Your eyes were the brightest green. What color were mine? What element did you say I was?"

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1. Traveling Nipple at Denver Pride "HELP! I met some chicks at Denver Pride with a traveling rubber nipple! Can't for the life of me remember the name of the traveling nipple! Wanted to post some pictures for their facebook page! Anyone remember?"

If someone could shed some light on what a traveling rubber nipple means in the context of PrideFest and why this nipple had a name, that'd be great.

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