Photos: Industrial Project allows Wonderbound dancers to sculpt their own show

The dancers at Wonderbound -- the company formerly known as Ballet Nouveau Colorado -- are breathtakingly talented, as anyone who's seen one of their shows can attest. But dancing is just one facet of their skill. Several of the Wonderbound dancers are also interested in choreography, and the upcoming Industrial Project is their opportunity to show their stuff.

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"This is actually our fourth year of doing this," says Sarah Tallman, one of the company's dancers. Garrett Ammon and Dawn Fay, the art director and associate art director of Wonderbound, brought the idea with them from Memphis. "They did a show in Memphis called Interior Works, which is basically what we're doing.

"It was an opportunity to choreograph each other," she continues. "It's all voluntary; we do it outside of our regular contract, and this year we have eight company members of the eleven company members involved."

So what can Wonderbound fans and dance aficionados expect from the evening?

"This is really the opportunity for the dancers to become choreographers, so you're going to have a wide range of music," Tallman explains. "The space is a really big, beautiful, open space, and in the past we've set up the studio in Broomfield all different kinds of ways so the audience has a different viewing experience. The nature of this space lends itself to a different viewing experience as well. There are couches and rugs, and we'll have regular tables for drinks and stuff.

"It's a really relaxed experience -- and if there's something a dancer wants to explore, whether it's a fleeting thought or something they've wanted to explore for a long time, they have the opportunity to do that. We're all very different, so it's eclectic."

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Industrial Project runs for two performances this Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5, at Wonderbound, 1075 Park Avenue West, Denver. The $10 donation includes appetizers and libations, and proceeds benefit the Artist Resource Fund, a new creation by the dancers to help artists transition out of performing careers into related ventures. Visit Wonderbound's website for more information.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.