Photos: Meet the 2013 Colorado Burlesque Festival headliners

The 2013 edition of the Colorado Burlesque Festival is bigger and badder than ever, offering up classes and performances featuring many of the names that put Colorado on the map when it comes to the flirty, coy, artful striptease that's more tease than strip. The festival shows run from Thursday, July 11, through Sunday, July 14; there are also classes, parties and hangout sessions (including free patio events at Lannie's). Find the full schedule at coloradoburlesquefestival.com, and keep reading for organizer Midnite Martini's descriptions of the headlining acts.

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Gravity Plays Favorites (pictured above) "Gravity Plays Favorites is a duo out of St. Louis, and mainly they work with the pole," Martini explains. "But they do a lot of acrobatic work on the pole, not what the public generally thinks of a stripper pole -- they flip around and partner each other and they play with that tongue-in-cheek, comedic style." Katrina Dohl and Michelle Mynx have lived up to their name for more than five years now, traveling the country to showcase their mad pole skills.

Ophelia Flame "Ophelia has been in the community for a very long time," Martini notes. "The latest title she won was runner-up from the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She's pretty classic, but I've seen her dabble in comedy and other acts as well. The acts she'll be bringing to our festival will be more of the big-feathers, classic type of acts." Also known as "The Burning Sensation," Flame founded Lili's Burlesque Revue in Minneapolis.
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