Photos: Meet the 2013 Colorado Burlesque Festival headliners

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The Stage Door Johnnies Why should the ladies get to have all the fun? The Stage Door Johnnies are one of the first boylesque crews to be world-renowned: "They're stars in the community," says Martini, "headlining at international festivals. They're all trained dancers, so they can do these amazing choreography stunts. Sometimes it's just a gimmick to be a male doing this -- you get a pass on your performance -- but they really wanted to approach all of their performances as if they were a woman. They want the quality to be just as high as the best females in this industry." Individually, she adds, the Johnnies have very different styles, and together they put on a purely fantastic show. Fannie Spankings Past attendees of the festival -- and Colorado burlesque fans in general -- will be thrilled to hear that this particular headliner is dropping in; she was one of the original founders of the Colorado Burlesque Festival before moving her performance and teaching focus to Pittsburgh. "We are so excited to bring her back!" Martini says. "She was a staple here, and hopefully she'll be joining us more and more as the years go on. Every time she performs, she just makes the audience happy. She has great relatability to the audience; she represents a real woman on stage who is very powerful and very comfortable in her own skin." Foxy Tann Martini describes Foxy Tann as "the boss of burlesque -- she's a very powerful, big, bold black woman." Tann will be emceeing as well as performing; her style is "powerful, but always welcoming and with a smile," King adds. This neo-burlesque superstar is one of the best female female impersonators (yes, she's a double dose!) who's managed to crack the burlesque festival circuit.

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