Photos: Melissa "the Viper" Little puts a spin on billiards for Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Wynkoop Brewing Company has been home to great beer since 1994, but the brewpub is also the stomping grounds for one of the nation's top female pool players. Melissa "The Viper" Little, who was Boulder bred, has won more than fifty billiards tournaments across the country since 1988 when she took up her cue.

Ranked 12th in the world at one point, Little also likes teaching the game to kids, especially the geometry, physics and even calculus behind the ways the balls bank, bounce and spin. On Saturday, Little and the Wynkoop, which sponsors her, hosted fifty kids from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado organization, along with fifty adults in a single-elimination nine-ball tournament. "I'm not a mathematician, but I can play," Little says. "And whatever they are working on, I can apply it to pool."

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