Photos: Relive Mondo Guerra's design career through his childhood Halloween costumes

As the first cousin of Project Runway celebrity Mondo Guerra, I can attest to the fact that Halloween in our extended family was always a treat. Since Halloween is one of Mondo's favorite holidays, he'd decorate his parents' house with cobwebs, tombstones and stuffed straw men, and on the big day would always have creepy music and someone jumping out of some hidden place to scare young trick-or-treaters.

Some things haven't changed since those days: Mondo still has a determined work ethic and plenty of original flair. Continue reading for photos of some of the first pieces he ever designed: Halloween costumes for the family.

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Even when we were kids, Mondo spent days perfecting costumes not just for himself, but for his entire family. Mondo was always very detailed with his approach, and he'd come up with original handmade outfits that were the envy of our friends.

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