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Photos: Rethinking Western showcases new trends in art from the American West

The classic romantic images of cowboys, tumbleweeds and sunsets will always be attached to the idea of the American West. But the art coming out of this side of the country encompasses so much more, as can be seen in the exhibition Rethinking Western at Gallery 1261, which opens tomorrow. "The West isn't provincial anymore," says Mark Daily, whose art will be showcased there and who has portrayed the urbanization of the West through his work for more than forty years. "The art world doesn't center around New York anymore. That notion has become obsolete."

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The exhibition also showcases work by Carolyn Anderson, Gordon Brown, Floyd DeWitt, Dianne L. Massey Dunbar, Ulrich Gleiter, Quang Ho, Steve Kestrel, Michael J. Lynch, Mike Malm, Jim Morgan, Derek Penix, Grant Redden, Dave Santillanes, Matt Smith, Jill Soukup, Kevin Weckbach and Michael Workman, several of whom are featured in the Coors Western Art Show at the National Western Stock Show, which opens Saturday.

Rethinking Western opens at Gallery 1261 at 5 p.m. tomorrow, and will run through February 23. Continue reading for photos of some of the artwork in the exhibition.

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