Photos: Scenes from Cora Vette's Technicolor Tease at Bar Standard

As if Denver's resident burlesque maven, Cora Vette, didn't have enough steamy shows in the works already with Ledville, Bust and Reefer Mania -- as well as a handful of other clothing-optional projects and a burlesque store -- she launched a brand-new recurring show this week at Bar Standard. Technicolor Tease combines elements of her history in local burlesque, including the same bawdy song-and-dance influences, and added a speakeasy aesthetic to the entire evening. Photographer Brandon Marshall stopped by to snap these scenes of the first night of the new event. For more photos, visit our full slide show: "Technicolor Tease Burlesque (NSFW)."

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For more photos, visit our full slide show: "Technicolor Tease Burlesque (NSFW)."

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