Photos: Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls get crushed by the Denver Roller Dolls on their own turf

It's pretty tough when you get slapped like a bitch on your own lawn, but that's exactly what happened to Seattle on Saturday -- twice. In a double-header, Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls suffered double defeat when their all-star team got crushed by San Francisco's Bay City Derby Girls and their B-team, Rain of Terror, fell to the mighty skate of Bruising Altitude, the B-team of the Denver Rollerdolls -- the final score came out to 107-75. You need a little ointment for that burn, Seattle?

But the Emerald City is being a good sport about it, and Seattle Weekly (one of our sister papers) shares these photos of the humiliating defeat. Bruising Altitude is the team in purple. Photos by Stephen Giang.

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